Residential & Commercial Window Film

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Shade Sound and Security offers LLumar’s complete Architectural Window Film product line for installation in homes, office spaces, storefronts, restaurants, and public buildings. We can provide an immense selection of solar rejection and decorative films for any application large or small, and are equipped to address your unique installation needs in order that your project is completed in the least disruptive manner possible

During your free on-site consultation, we will commit ample time and effort to understand your every request and your site’s attributes. No matter the day or time, you will receive a survey form detailing your project and recommended product(s), along with an exact estimate, usually within 6-24 hours at most. We value your time, and since in some cases there is more than one individual involved in your decision-making process, our goal is to provide you with all information requested in an extremely timely manner.

While installation availability can be affected by seasonal increases in demand, we strive to offer a variety of scheduling options to suit your project’s individual needs, even if that involves completing your installation on early mornings, evenings, or weekend days.  The flexibility we offer can be of immense value to any client, especially one who might own or operate a retail store location or public facility which may be heavily occupied during business hours.

All window film installations are completed with an uncompromising level of thoroughness and attention to detail.  This applies not only in preparation and treatment of your windows, but also in the process of working within and around your site, its floors, furnishings, and other items in the installation areas.

Reduce Solar Energy by 40-50% or MORE! Save your furnishings and flooring and still enjoy the view!

Make your home more comfortable by reducing dramatic temperature changes and harsh glare.

Improve the look, feel, and cooling system efficiency of large spaces like storefronts, offices and public areas.

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