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Shade Sound and Security offers a wide array of repair and upgrade solutions for your classic or modern vehicle, including partial to complete interior and convertible top replacement. Whether your seats are in need of re-upholstering, or your convertible top is failing, we can provide an all-inclusive solution through our careful, thorough in-house processes and incredible network of suppliers. BeforeDuringAfter
Shade Sound and Security offers 3M and Avery Dennison vinyl products for installation on nearly any solid surface of your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or boat. Our extremely high grade of materials and expert installation techniques ensure that your project has a beautiful finished appearance and great durability! Change the exterior color of your all or parts of the exterior of your vehicle, or accent interior trim with a huge variety of colors and textures available. Our body panel vinyl wrap processes include thorough preparation and procedures similar to those of paint work:  When required, light fixtures, trim, badges, and seals are removed and re-installed in order that vinyl wrap coverage is as complete as possible. Not only are all of the obvious parts of a vehicle covered, but interior areas of doors, door jambs, and other more complex surfaces can be covered, resulting in a fully-painted appearance. A full vinyl wrap installation on an average vehicle will consume roughly 2-4 days, and usually ranges in cost from $2,500 to $4,000 depending on material and coverage options (half the time and cost of a proper two-stage paint job).Vinyl wrap is intended for semi-permanent installation. Most of our products are warranted fro [...]
  • June 13, 2016
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Shade Sound and Security offers many great brands including Kenwood, ARC Audio, Hybrid Audio Technologies, Sinfoni, Escort, Beltronics, Rydeen, Python, Stinger, Dynamat, and more for installation within your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or boat. Our extremely high grade of parts, materials, and installation practices ensure that your equipment is integrated with excellent fit, finish, and longevity in mind! Aftermarket Stereo, Multimedia, Navigation, and Mobile Device-Supportive Systems Front, Rear, and 360-Degree Camera Systems with a Variety of Display Options Factory Audio Integration Components, Signal Processors, and Amplifiers Component and Coaxial Speaker Systems and Subwoofers TV, DVD, and Satellite Rear Seat Entertainment Systems Built-In and Windshield/Mirror-Mounted Radar/Laser Detection Systems and Accessories Complete Line of Installation Accessories and Noise Deadening Material Keyless Entry, Remote Start, and Security Systems Power Conversion of Door Lock, Trunk Release, and Other Components Exterior Lighting Conversion of All Types Including Fixture Replacement and HID/LED Upgrades
  • June 13, 2016
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Authorized Dealer Shade Sound and Security offers LLumar’s complete Automotive Window Film product line for installation on your car, truck, van, SUV, RV, or boat. Whether you choose an ATR, CTX, or IRX Series tinted film for increased shading and glare reduction, or one of our high-tech AIR Series films for nearly invisible solar energy and UV-ray rejection, your products will be installed with industry-leading attention to detail.   We guarantee that the appearance and durability of your finished installation will be absolutely world-class!   All visible portions of windows are fully covered, with no cut-outs around brake lights or other obstructions commonly present in rear windows. All windows are completed as one piece with no strips or seams. Side windows that roll down or have exposed glass edges are covered within 1/16” of the glass edge, much closer than the industry average. Similarly to the painting of a vehicle, there is no such thing as a “perfect” glass tinting installation. However our processes, techniques, and quality standards ensure finished installations that are as close to flawless as possible. FOUR LLumar Automotive Film Product Series to Sui [...]
1995-Porsche-911-Cabriolet,-Avery-Dennison-Matte-Black-01-SILOThe key to Shade Sound and Security’s success is an approach that consistently proves to be more effective than that of most similar service providers. While many in the business of offering automotive, residential, and commercial products rush to lower prices in an effort to remain competitive, our philosophy is instead to offer our clients an ever-improving selection and industry-leading installations, never taking part in the “Race to Zero” and “quantity-over-quality” business mentalities that often plague fast-growing markets like the Triangle. We have a genuine desire to offer you the best buying experience coupled with a thorough, detail-oriented approach to installation and ongoing support, whether your project involves a car, truck, boat, residence, or office. But this methodology encompasses much more than being synonymous with setting high standards. It is through our unique brand of providing service and building upon great relationships that we [...]
Shade Sound and Security 5101-H Unicon Drive Wake Forest, NC 27587 Phone: 844-SHADE-55
Visit our store, located just north of Raleigh in Wake Forest, North Carolina! Truly "State-of-the-Art"  

Our brand new, superbly-appointed, extremely clean, and very secure facility is sure to be a welcome sight if you are particular about where you take your vehicles.

Owner John Marcum designed every aspect of the showroom, vast network/audio/video/control system, and entire shop area, as well as personally selected and installed all of the components we have available for store use, display/demonstration, and of course your enjoyment while you're here!

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